How To Make Money Off Your Blog

How to make money on your blog?

I’m here to tell you: don’t.

Why did you take up blogging to begin with? Wasn’t it to tell the world about yourself, or give other people helpful tips on stuff, or to get feedback on your writing, or to brighten up someone’s day with good advice and a smile? Wasn’t it to give valuable reviews of books and movies? Wasn’t it for other people?

You didn’t start out trying to get money.

What changed?

Perhaps one day you were surfing the blogosphere, and you came across one of those all-too-common posts: “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUR BLOG,” followed by a lengthy list of low work rates, astoundingly high returns, and glowing testimonials of the “insert-name-here” system. Something for nothing! It sounds almost too good to be true!

Is it too good.
It’s not true.

I’m not saying that they’re lying: you might in fact be able to make money off your blog.

But don’t.

“Why not?” you ask. “Why does it matter if you make money off your blog?”

Because as soon as you try to make money off your blog, your blog has become about what you can get from it, rather than making your blog a gift for other people. Your readers become a commodity that you sell to the advertising companies, fodder for your wallet.

Once your readers become cash revenue, you care less about them and more about what they can get you. A few bucks? Maybe. But now that you’ve taken your blog and made it a business, you’ve sold yourself.

Don’t be greedy.

Don’t be miserly.

Give something away for free.

If you sell your blog as a product, it becomes subject to the laws of supply and demand: the customer is always right. No longer do you have the freedom to write what you want: you must write what the readers want. And if what the readers want isn’t what you want – tough. Your blog is no longer your own.

So if you decide to sell your blog you have literally sold your blog. You don’t own it anymore. The fleshhooks are in, and the gnawing worries about how to get more readers, how to paint your blog in ever more attractive ways, how to make more more more money – well, my friends, you’ve lost something.

But not forever.

Forget about the money. Resist the siren song of cash for readers: it will only destroy your blog, and your relationship with your readers. If you’re selling your blog right now, stop, turn your back on the money, and don’t look behind you.

Love your audience. Do something for them that gets you nothing back. Be truly generous.

Making money off your blog is a losing proposition.

Drop it.


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