Psalm 148: A Free Verse Rendering

This is a free verse rendering of Psalm 148 I wrote for a poetry class in college. This one needs work, and it’s been called overdone. I present this unfinished version to you all for feedback and criticism. Please comment with thoughts, first impressions, or suggestions.

Praise the Lord from the heavens
Be cosmic bread, leaven of glory,
All seven spheres tune ears to hear what the moon and sun
Have begun to sing in the star-deep sea of the sky.
Let firmaments, assured of enduring,
Remember the commands and decrees
Of the Lord who ceded them their high boundary.
And then tip-top over, to the downward plunge,
Back to the sea, that roaring mirror of the skies;
Leviathan, still unhooked, bows his heads with their fiery eyes; Continue reading



I found a piece of driftwood, soaked upon the sand,

Drifted to my native shore from a distant land.

I took that piece of driftwood and burned it in the fire:

Blue for sorrow, green for strife, and gold for my desire.

I came upon a boulder, perched upon a hill,

Balanced there without a care, for me to work my will.

I pushed that boulder down the slope, a tumbling roaring storm:

Grey for madness, white for fear, and orange for loveless scorn.

I saw a piece of coral, as crimson as could be,

Scarlet-bright beneath the night, under the darkling sea.

I held that piece of coral and threw it on the shore:

Black for death, and red for blood, the appleā€™s fallen core.